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Cybersecurity Detection

Increase your threat identification capabilities.

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Gain deep visibility into endpoints, security culture, and commonly distributed SaaS applications for faster automated risk identification and resolution.

Common Cybersecurity Challenges

When it comes to advanced threat detection and training, companies often struggle with the following challenges:

Data Breaches

Detecting data breaches can be challenging to an organization as attackers often target employees and appeal to human vulnerabilities. Bad Actors leverage these sophisticated techniques to evade detection and remain undetected for extended periods.

Sophistication and Evasiveness of
Cyber Threats

As cyber threats become more complex and capable of bypassing traditional security measures, organizations face the challenge of effectively detecting and mitigating these threats before they cause significant damage.

Application Risk

With the proliferation of SaaS applications, organizations often struggle to maintain visibility into user activities, data access, and configuration changes across multiple platforms.

Assessment Benefits

Take proactive steps to mitigate risks and identify threats with:

Risk Reduction and Data Protection

By enhancing an organization’s security culture and building security awareness across all levels of the organization, companies are able to reduce the risk of cyberattacks and secure sensitive data.

Advanced Threat Detection

Advanced threat detection provided by EDR leverages cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, behavioral analytics, and threat intelligence to identify and respond to sophisticated threats that may evade conventional security controls.

SaaS Application Visibility

By providing centralized visibility, we allow organizations to monitor and manage critical events and security incidents across all their SaaS applications from a single dashboard.

Our Targeted Approach to Cybersecurity Detection

At Obviam, we offer a holistic cybersecurity strategy encompassing the following solutions.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

We leverage ongoing attack simulations to detect and address potential threats to an organization’s network and systems, enabling them to evaluate their security stance and pinpoint vulnerabilities proactively, before malicious actors exploit them.

Cybersecurity Awareness

We empower organizations with the knowledge, tools, and insights needed to build a strong security culture and defend against evolving cybersecurity threats by educating and training employees.

Sophisticated Endpoint Security

We can deploy advanced endpoint security that monitors endpoint activities in real-time, leveraging techniques like behavioral analysis and threat intelligence to detect and respond to security incidents automatically.

Security Posture Services

We are your vigilant guard that keeps watch over your SaaS applications like Office 365. We alert you if something suspicious or malicious is detected and step in to take automated action.

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An Experienced Team:

Our certified SOC analysts bring extensive industry experience and XDR platform expertise for proactive threat hunting, detection, response, and remediation.

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